Monday, July 25, 2011

Free Download Add-Ons Mozilla_ IDMCC 7:33 for FF5 & 6.rar

Just yesterday released the final version of firefox firefox 5, which claims the version 5 there are some add-ons that do not support. One is the add-ons IDM (Internet Download Manager). But soon this can be resolved with the presence of the latest updates from the add-ons for Firefox 5 so that IDM could return to work in firefox 5.

Soon firefox again released the latest version of its browser for this, which is version 6. In this latest version, it was re-emerging problems such as the presence of firefox 5 which is the number of add-ons that do not kopatibel. So even with the add-ons to IDM returnees do not support the latest version of mozilla firefox. Add-Ons IDM latest updates that have been able to run in firefox 5, was not supported in firefox 6.

So I divide the Mozilla Firefox Add-Ons to be compatible with Internet Download Manager 6:07 I have shared on this blog.

Please Download Mozilla Firefox Add-Ons Here:
IDMCC 7:33 for FF5 & 6.rar

Download also Mozilla firefox 6.0 beta 2 here

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