Monday, November 28, 2011

Free Download Harvest Moon Back To Nature PS1 (FULL VERSION)

This time the author will share the game PS 1. This game is Harvest Moon Back To Nature (English version). This game tells about a farm boy who went on the old grandfather's fields are not taken care of. Later you will be asked by the village head to take care of the fields during the month. If after 3 months you can take care of both fields with the village chief would be glad to you.

Not only is life on the farm alone, you can also socialize with the community around your garden. You can follow the festival which was held in the city center field. And you also can get married with one girl and have a child.

According to the authors, this game is very interesting because the life lessons for us to always work hard in working and socializing with people is vitally important.

Here's how to install the game Harvest Moon Back To Nature (Classic version):
  1. Perform installation. 
  2. Click (execute) harvest moon on the desktop shortcut. 
  3. Enjoy.
If you have trouble installing, please ask by commenting at the end of the posting. Thank you for visiting and hopefully useful.

Please download here:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Note: Use HJSplit to combine part1, part2, and part3. Download HJSplit and How to Use here.

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