Sunday, December 11, 2011

Download Picasa v3.9 Build 135.78

That enjoy photography? Then you always upload your pictures are? Or maybe you want to edit your photographs become more easy on the eyes?. You should try Picasa application because all available here. Application made ​​by the google is indeed very attractive in terms of showing the photos on the computer. The following are various latest features found in Picasa v3.9 Build 135.78:
  • Share to your Google circles - If you've joined Google, you can use Picasa 3.9 to share directly to the circles you've created in Google. They'll see your photos and videos in Their Google streams. People that do not use Google Are not left out. They'll get an email to view your albums in Google, and They do not have to join to do so.
  • Picasa name tags on Google - If you've joined Google, you may have noticed That name tags have Become more social. With the release of Picasa 3.9, you can now upload and share your name tags on Google. Note That if you choose not to join Google, name tags will not change at all.
  • New photo editing effects - We've added a plethora of new editing effects like Vignette, Duo-tone, Borders and more.
  • Side by side editing - compare two different photos side by side. Or compare the original and edited versions with versions of the same photo as you simultaneously apply edits in Picasa. Learn how to edit side by side.
Hopefully this article has been helpful and thank you. For those of you who are interested to download the Picasa application, please click the link below:

Download | Picasa v3.9 Build 135.78

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