Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How To Make Walk Text (Marquee)

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At noon today I will share the tricks how to keep writing in the post we can run. In the HTML language is often also called the Marquee.
Maybe you've seen running on the blog posts of others, is now our turn to implement the Marquee on your blog as well.

Immediately, we begin this tutorial.

1. First you login in blogger.
2. Go to the new posts
3. Then click Edit HTML
4. Then enter the HTML code below

<marquee> and closed with </marquee>

Example :

<marquee> Thank You </marquee>

Note : "Thank you" said  you can replace with other words as you wish

5. Then press the preview button and see the results

How. .?  easy. . ^ _ ^
You also can develop on your blog. A few bloggers this trick may be useful to readers. Do not forget to click the button at the end of the posting LIKE. . ^ _ ^ Thank you very much.


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