Saturday, November 5, 2011

Free Download Cheat Point Blank(PB)_Update_5_November_2011_WH(WALL HACK)+SUPER WEAPON

Full hack feature:
Full wallhack (Cham, wh mini, no smoke, ETC)
Full Replace Asault (Aug., AK sopmod, AK sopmod abroad, etc.)
Full SMG replace (Batik Kris, Kris SVD, FMS, etc.
Full Pistol (Dual charred, phiton, etc.)
Full Knife (Amok, etc.)

On: Direction Arrow Right
Off: Left Direction
Select the menu: the direction of the arrow up & Down
Insert: ON

How to use Replace,,,
Turn on in the room.

[-] Open PB Launcher
[-] Open Cheat
[-] Start PB
[-] Happy cheating

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