Friday, November 18, 2011

Review Nokia Lumia 900 developer commercial

An image of the latest Nokia phones Windows Phone, Lumia 900, appeared via video leaked promo aimed at developers. Actually this video was first discovered by the All About Phones, which apparently was inadvertently published to the public by Nokia channels, on YouTube.

Indeed, through the video is not much that can be extracted Lumia information about the Nokia 900, which has another name "Ace" is. Only glimpsed that from the hardware side is the more reliable the Nokia smartphone. And, with Microsoft's operating system is more developed.

Nokia Lumia 900 will likely feature ClearBlack AMOLED screen measuring 1.43 inches, with support for 1.4 GHz processor. To be carrying the camera optical measuring 8-megapixel Carl Zeiss.

Intrigued by the video promo, which was still a secret, to a limited circle?

Review Nokia Lumia 900 Developer Commercial 

Source : Pulsa
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