Friday, December 2, 2011


Like motor racing? You like to taunt opponents and hitting them? On this occasion the authors will share the PS one game Road Rash Jail Break. This game is very fun to play alone or multiplayer. Not only is the race course you can also taunt and beat your opponent races to fall from his motorcycle. The point of this game is to become a champion in the race.

Motorcycle Gang in perpainan is twofold, namely alley harley and superbike. You can also collect a variety of tools beaters such as pipes, beams, chains, stun and other tools. Bat is useful for faster knockdown compared with using only his bare hands. You also need to be careful with the police on a motorbike because if you are shocked by the police and then you fall, you will be caught by the police and the tools your bat will be confiscated. Intrigued with this game? Please download here for free.Hopefully this game is useful to readers and thank you for visiting.

Note: You need a ePSX Emulator to play this game. The author suggests using ePSX emulator 1.7.0 or
ePSX emulator 1.5.2.

Download Here:
Road Rash Jail Break PS one (310 MB)

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