Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Update Cheat July 27 2011_Auto Head Shoot

In the morning I will be taking the updated cheat Point Blank release 27 July 2011.
This cheat allows you to make the enemy become one in the middle of the map. Ok here's the features of this cheat:

- This cheat makes the enemy becomes one in the middle of the map.
- Auto Head Shoot (point at your enemy's head)

Hot Key:
- Home = to activate the cheat
- End = to end.

How to use:
- Enter Password
- Start Your PB
- Then press the Inject
- If there is a dialog box click TRY
- Enjoy

- Be Room Master
- Do not play on the map Luxwill, kick point, and Mini Indonesia because this cheat will be useless if you do not become the Master Room, (Prove it yourself).
- This cheat I have tried and work 100% on windows XP, but I have not tried it in Windows 7.

Cheat Here:


Download Password



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