Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How to show the effects of autumn leaves on our blog

Hey friends, On this occasion I will share the Blogger Tips on "How to show the effects of autumn leaves on our blog." The way this has been my practice on my blog and the results are pretty good ^ _ ^.

I find this tutorial on a post and I am trying to share with fellow bloggers as well. Ok we just start the tutorial.

1. First Open your blog and login.
2. Then click Design.
3. Then click Edit HTML.
4. After that look for the code </ head>. Use CTRL + F to make it easier to find this code.
5. Copy and paste the code below right under the code </ head>.

<script src=''/>

6. Then save the template and see the results.

Here is a sample picture :

So first my post this time. If this post useful click the button LIKE. Thank you very much.


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