Monday, November 14, 2011

How To Make Back Link On The Blog (Step By Step)

Continued to write articles for the popularity of a blog is a reasonable direction for the blog owner is still new. Many ways we can do to make your blog can become popular and has many visitors. Back links are one way to increase the popularity of blogs. Often you see on a blog backlink box? it is he that I will discuss in this post.

Here's how to create boxes Back Links and then will we put on the blog.

  • First login first to your blog.
  • Then click Design> Page Elements> Add a Gadget> HTML / Javascript.
  • Copy and paste this script:
<textarea cols=”"20″” rows=”"3″”><a rel=”dofollow” href=”” title=”news and blogging”>Yudo'S Blog 31</a></textarea>
  • Change the code of the green with your blog URL address.
  • Replace the code that is blue with the name of your blog.
  • Then save.
If you are still confused and want to ask something related to the above post please comment at the end of the posting.  Hopefully useful and thank you very much for visiting.

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