Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How To Make Address Bar Of Your Blog Can Be Run

Are you bored with the Address bar just quiet monotone. .?
In this post I'll share some tips on how to order Address bar of your blog can be run. Actually I also just found this tutorial and I immediately apply to my own blog. .. .^_^.
Direct course we know how to address our blog can be run.

1. Surely you must log in first in blogger.
2. Then click and click Edit HTML design.
3. Find the code </ head> (Use CTRL + F to make it more easy to find)
4. Once you find the code </ head>, then copy and paste the code below just above the </ head>.

<script type='text/javascript'>
msg = " -- Welcome to my blog -- ";
msg = " -- Thank you for visiting --" + msg;pos = 0;
function scrollMSG() {
document.title = msg.substring(pos, msg.length) + msg.substring(0, pos); pos++;
if (pos > msg.length) pos = 0

- You can replace the words in the code that is green as you wish

5. Finally Save the template and see a change in the address bar of your blog.

I hope this article helpful.


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