Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How to improve PAGE RANK and VISITORS a blog

Most of the few bloggers novice users wondering how to keep our blog can have a high Page Rank? It is also a thought about the question by my own as a novice blogger. To be honest I still find ways to make my blogs have high page rank and visitors are always coming to our blog visitors either from within the country or from abroad. It feels good once as the owner of a blog can be visited daily by thousands of visitors even if your blog has to have a high page rank is likely more than a thousand people will visit your blog because Google has to index your blog.

"Other people can, why can not we?", It is a sentence that must be embedded in the person of a novice blogger. Karna with the sentence may motivate someone to bloggers continue to strive to increase their page rank blog. It is not easy to increase your blog, but in many ways you can do it all.

According to my own experience, there are several ways to improve the page rank of your blog. Here are the ways:

1. Remain consistent in writing the article on your blog. The point the writer is every day you write the post in your blog, even though it's only one post only.

2. Visit this user kesesama bloggers and leave comments on their blog and include a LINK to your blog. Tujuanya so that Google can index your blog.

3. Register your blog on Google webmasters to indexed search engines.

4. Join the forums active.

5. Promote your blog on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and others.

6. And this is the most important, article on your blog posts you must be pure and have a quality and do not copy paste someone else's article. Google does not like the article because a blog that just copying and pasting.

7. The latter is still the spirit ^ _ ^.


List above is personal to the author's experience novice blogger users can increase the page rank of your blog and have a lot of visitors. Hopefully this article can be useful to readers. If anyone wants in please ask to comment on end of post. Thank you very much.

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